April - Pet First-Aid Awareness Month


Welcome to Pet First-Aid Awareness Month!  To help you become a more prepared pet parent, ready to help your dog or cat in their time of need, Dog is Good and Sunny-dog Ink invite you to a PET SAFETY SCAVENGER HUNT.  Complete all 7 challenges listed below and email photos/info together in one email to denise@SunnyDogInk.com no later than midnight April 30th, 2015

All completed entries will receive a pdf certificate proclaiming the entrant a "More Prepared Pet Parent" and a FREE SHIPPING on a Sunny-dog Ink Pet First-Aid Kit purchased by May 31st.

All completed entries will also be placed in a random drawing for one Grand Prize and 3 additional awards.  Grand Prize will consist of a Dog First Aid & CPR or Cat First Aid & CPR Pocket Guide, $25 Gift Certificate towards a Sunny-dog Ink Pet First-Aid Kit, Dog is Good Pet ID Tag & 8 Greeting Cards, Dog is Good Car Magnet and $25.00 gift Certificate to use towards Dog is Good product. Retail Value $100. Three additional winners will receive a copy of either Dog First Aid & CPR or Cat First Aid & CPR by Denise Fleck based on photos sent.


Cut and paste the 7 challenges below into an email and include all information and photos requested. Then send in one email to denise@sunnydogink.com no later than midnight April 30th, 2015. Drawing will take place the next day and winners will be notified and asked for mailing address for prize shipment. J

NAME: _____________________________________________

EMAIL: ____________________________________________

PET NAME & SPECIES (dog or cat): _____________________________________



_____1) Take a selfie in front of your nearest Animal ER (showing the sign), and find out what services they offer should you ever need to rush your pet there for veterinary care. Program their phone number and address into your cell phone and display information conveniently at home.

_____2) Literally get down on all fours and crawl around your house and yard looking for anything that could harm you pet, and move potential dangers out of paws reach. List here anything you made inaccessible to your pet.

_____3) Begin doing a weekly Head-to-Tail check-up of your pet, and snap a selfie of your pet enjoying it.  Learn how to do this at http://www.sunnydogink.com/animal-care-tips/anytime-pet-tips/get-to-know-your-pet-from-head-to-tail.html.

_____4) Check your pet’s ID tag making sure the information is correct and legible. If not, replace it!  Verify your pet's micro-chip info is up-to-date with your microchip company -- correct address, phone, email and emergency contacts. Take a pix of your pet with his tag (information need not be visible in photo).

_____5) Purchase or assemble your dog or cat’s tool kit (aka Pet First-Aid Kit) and have them snap a selfie by it or some of the items.  

_____6) Sign-up for a pet first aid class, read a book, watch a video or bone-up on skills you already know, then...take the weekly Pet Safety Quizzes at http://woobox.com/w3twsb.  A new one will appear each Monday in April. List your scores below:

Quiz 1 Score     ____________________________

Quiz 2 Score     ____________________________

Quiz 3 Score     ____________________________

Quiz 4 Score     ____________________________

______7) “Like” both Dog is Good and Sunny-dog Ink on Facebook or “Follow” them on Twitter. Notate your FB and/or Twitter name here so that it can be verified: ____________________________________

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